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Elizabeth Egan Everett

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Egan Everett and I help people find what it is they're looking for. I'm an Inner Game specialist. Let's reframe your world, shall we?

In a male dominated industry of pickup artists, Elizabeth is a rare female coach and teacher in the art of inner game and magnetism. Having worked for several years with some of the greatest pick up companies and gurus and pulling from unique areas of information, Elizabeth is a High Priestess with a lifetime lineage of shamanic work and initiation within the occult bringing fresh perspective and understanding. Elizabeth has a mastery certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming, is certified in Hypnotherapy, a Sedona Method Facilitator, and has over ten years of extensive Chinese Herbalism training and counseling experience. Main site: Elizabeth is also a successful singer / songwriter /Producer, having worked with, including: Peter Gabriel, The Cure and Paul Oakenfold along with many ads, soundtracks, and sessions etc. The website for her vocal work is For a more detailed resume in regards to resume etc., please inquire on my site~

Elizabeth Egan Everett's Background

Elizabeth Egan Everett's Experience

Herbalist at Various

Present | Los Angeles

Consultations, lecturing, sales et all

Inner Game Coach at Esoteric Attraction

Present | Various

Attraction Specialist, Inner Game/ Red Queen Game / High Game Teacher, Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Certified Master Neuro Linguistic Programmer Practitioner, Life/Relationship Counselor, PUA Coach /Wing Woman, Occultist, Tonic Herbalist, Secrets Signs and Wonders Dealer, Deprogrammer etc.

Singer / Songwriter / Producer at

Present | Various

Unique vocals for various ads, soundtracks / sessions...

Elizabeth Egan Everett's Education

Academy of Culinary Education

2011 – 2012


Concentration: Professional Cooking

Activities: Deliciousness!

Elizabeth Egan Everett's Interests & Activities

Archeology, Secrets,Music, Herbalism, Hypnotherapy, Mentalism, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Social Dynamics, Curiosities, Art, Design, Travel, Unique Foods, and Cooking!

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